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Two new products from DDH Software take us one step further from our desktops, but is remote access really that useful? DDH Software released two new programs recently, a Runtime for their venerable HandBase software and a truly new application, Mobile TS, which allows Palm users to connect to Windows PCs and control them from anywhere. I'll save the Mobile TS fireworks for last and start with the new version of HandBase, since my programming career started (and ended) with dBASE, one of the original database programs for microcomputers. HandBase is the popular award-winning relational database program for Palm and Pocket PC handhelds. Like the old dBASE program, you can build just about any application with it in short order, and there are lots of applications and samples available to use in building your own programs. The latest version offers a new forms builder ... (more)

The Future of Wi-Fi

WBT's Ron Dennis interviews Zaga Novakovic on what it's like trying to find a hotspot when you're really off the beaten track. Zaga Novakovic is a traveler both in the physical world and in time. She is comfortable in Thailand, in Paris, and in the future. One of her jobs is looking into the future of wireless networking, or, more accurately, looking into our future to see how Wi-Fi fits into it. Zaga's report is available for several thousand dollars at the Mind Commerce Web site at and it is well worth the fee. I managed to get an excerpt of this article a... (more)

First Look at New Long-Range Wi-Fi Technology

My first encounter with a microcomputer was thrilling. I didn't know about "disruptive technology" yet (it was 1979), but it certainly changed my life. I dreamed of carrying a computer around with me all the time. The same thing happened the first time I saw a Web browser. More recently, the day I finally got a Wi-Fi connection to work, I wandered around yelling, "Look at this!" Then I wandered too far and the Internet stopped. "Aw, look at that!" I cried. But I am now dreaming the dream. You know the one. High-speed Internet, all the time. But there are big-time challenges locati... (more)

Monetizing Wi-Fi Starts Here

WBT's Wi-Fi editor reports on a recent conference that was devoted to examining the value, profit prospects, and real-world obstacles inherent in deploying and maintaining wireless public Internet access networks ­ commonly called "hotspots." In light of the estimate that there will be over 10,000 public wireless access points by the end of 2002, Ron profiles the players in the hotspot market today, and explains some of the flavors of the 802.11 standard that's fueling the growth of Wi-Fi. My mind often defies logic. My wife will attest to that. I'm more likely to dream about th... (more)

21 Words for the New Millennium

This list is the culmination of one of Ron's lifetime ambitions. His obsession with the word lists began in school, where he participated in 60 words for the '60's, but, alas, dropped out. He created the group that produced 70 words for the '70's, although he was babbling incoherently when it was finally released (in 1983). In the '80's he was too busy making money on junk bonds to worry about lists. And, of course, too busy spending it all on tech stocks in the '90's. Perhaps this millennial list will cure his fixation. We hope not. Every geek knows that the 21st century starte... (more)